TreeLocate are launching a new range this autumn; the ND or Natural Décor arrangements.

These smaller pieces combine a mix of artificial flowers, herbs, and topiary shrubs, in traditional and rustic planters, to create attractive ornamental arrangements.

They are perfect for home kitchens, café décor, or workplace canteens and dining rooms.  Additionally, some of the range could feature perfectly in private or commercial bathrooms, in spas, and in hotel bedrooms.

Natural Décor Arrangements – Gallery

Natural Décor Miniature Floral Arrangements Natural Décor Miniature Floral Arrangements

Natural Décor Herb Arrangements Natural Décor Miniature Shrubs & Topiary

Intended for garden centres and resellers; all items in the ND range are supplied in pre-packed quantities with one pack being the minimum order quantity.

They are priced for impulse buying and the majority are sized for easily adding to hand baskets or hopping trolleys.  Using artificial plants in the arrangements means that “maintenance free” is a key selling assist.

Natural Décor Floral Arrangements

Merchandising Units for Arrangements

Concurrent with launching the ND arrangements TreeLocate are also offering free “impulse purchase” display racks in natural wood.  They are sized for positioning in high foot-traffic areas, such as checkouts etc.

TreeLocate Merchandising Unit TreeLocate Merchandising Unit

These merchandising units do require a suitable order quantity of the arrangements – your sales contact can assist with information about that.

There are two styles of display rack.  They can loosely be described as “wide” or “narrow” until we have more formal designations for them. The types above are the “narrow” style.

To see the full range of these new smaller arrangements, please visit the downloads page on our website and download a copy of the “Glee Show Catalogue 2015“.