Bancone – Soho London

A superb restaurant situated in Soho London, bringing a flavour of Italy to the capital.

The Brief

Our customer requested a tree that would bring a touch of the outside in, Italy is famous for its magnificent olive trees and luxurious decor. To add a unique touch, the tree had its own special adaptations which included a natural trunk and a cloud style canopy. It was highly important that this tree was Fire Retardant so that all customers and staff would be safe and protected.

Our Solution

Our skilled team have spent years critiquing the perfect olive tree. It was a great to have a different brief to work with. As our customer required a tree that would be fire retardant it was crucial we used our FireSilx range of olive foliage. All of our FireSilx range is tested to British and European standards.

To achieve a cloud canopy, we ensured the branches would fall into the correct places on the tree having them at a range of different heights. Later on deciding where the FireSilx foliage suited the tree best to accomplish the desired effect.

The Outcome

We were overjoyed to know the customer was thrilled with the final look. Once installed, the cloud style olive tree filled up the space completely, conducting character with itself. A table is now situated around the tree allowing customers pull up a seat and enjoy their cuisine admiring the relaxed atmosphere and modern touch.