Booking Office 1869

A spectacular English cocktail lounge situated in the diligent capital.

The Brief

Our customer approached us with this project, and we jumped at the chance. A clear and instructive brief was set. The ingenuity for these palms had arisen from the proposal of an “Old-world European charm meets the dry wit of London” We liaised directly with the head architect, which meant we could learn all details first hand. The palms had to be as lightweight as possible to stand on the old booking offices floor. It was crucial that the palms could break down as they needed to be transported through St Pancras station. It was also requested that the palms could be used to hide security cameras and lighting, therefore, we cooperated with the other companies involved to ensure we could accommodate their cabling and designs.

Our Solution

We created a range of palms, including every detail we had been set. The palms came on a baseplate riser so that they could start at the correct height in the decorative planters. Due to the curves in the palm trunk, we used stiffening fins to add extra support. Our team had the opportunity of going down to the location to install them alongside the other contractors on site, offering valuable tips gained from experience to ensure the install went smoothly, and the palms were situated as best as they could be. The palms were designed so that customers would be drawn to look up to the beautiful building’s high ceilings, dressed in luxurious fabric.

The Outcome

Once all of the palms were installed, the space looked incredible. The palms made the decadent environment look pleasing, and broke up the room adding a splash of maintenance free greenery. We were incredibly pleased to know that our customer was extremely happy with the finished look. It was great to be a part of this fantastic project; since installed, we have been down to St Pancras Station to see the area finished, which looks amazing.